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 Mauritania      Tagant et Hodh            Jul 1952    

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title in original language: Faghou srouzi: array srouza, tehrar seini bambara, chor dhlal
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Ali ould Eide, Mneina Mint Nana


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"Musique Maure - Par Ali ould Eide et Mneina mint Nana"
Reference Musique Maure. Musée de l'Homme 54. 3.
Music of the Kounta and Mechdouf tribes.
Faghou srouzi: array srouza, tehrar seini bambara, chor dhal.
This piece begins in the Kehal (one of the black paths of the white way) and as a poetic theme is suggested he returns to the dhlal (white path).
Faghou: warrior song.
Srouzi: relative to horse saddles; array: discovering (in hearing this song the horsemen jumped to the ground and thus discovered their saddles, srouzi).
Seini bambara: the true tehrar in the white way.
Chor dhal: rhymed chor. A rhyme must serve the theme of this part of the song. The dhlal is the veil that shelters a woman mounted on a camel.

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