Basic facts:

 country   province   region   village   people   group   date   collector 
 Malawi      Kasungu      Nyanja   Chewa   1958   Hugh Tracey 

Language and title:

original language: Nyanja/Chewa
title in original language: Kankhuku - Kaposi, kapili - Thu njeketu
title in English: The Chicken - One two - I have walked with my sister

Musical composition:

 type   # performers   instrument (type)   singing voice 
 Group   unknown   -   BOY 
 Group   unknown   -   GIRL 


function: animation
length: 1:23 min.




not available online


"The Sound of Africa Series - Sons d'Afrique Series"
Reference AMA. TR-76
3 traditional children's verses whose meaning is obscure, as, it is believed, they are composite collections of odd lines. But the words sound well and so have survived.

1st: "The small chicken is angry. You have refused me everything. You have made me cross. It is enough to make me leave you, says the small chicken."

2nd: Counting jingle

3d: "I have walked with my sister. I have forgotten my bow and arrows. Go fetch them for me. Why have I given them to someone else?" (the sister replies) "Shall I brew some beer?" (reply) "I don't drink beer."

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