Basic facts:

 country   province   region   village   people   group   date   collector 
 Malawi      Chadza      Nyanja   Chewa   1958   Hugh Tracey 

Language and title:

original language: Nyanja/Chewa
title in original language: Lululu - Leza wa mwana
title in English:

Musical composition:

 type   # performers   instrument (type)   singing voice 
 Solo    1   -   FEMALE 


function: lullaby
length: 2:05 min.


Lusiya Nabanda


not available online


"The Sound of Africa Series - Sons d'Afrique Series"
Reference AMA. TR-76
Old traditional lullabies by Chewa women of this district. In them the continually harassed mother mentions her many and endless duties that demand her attention and the child who needs her constant care. "Luluya, sleeping child, do not cry. See your mother is at work. See the porridge pot is boiling. Don't go on crying, go to sleep. A child's god is a scrap of food. Its mother is the stirring stick. Should I nurse a child on account of the stirring stick? Its father is its first finger. I get only a share from the kitchen spoon."

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