Lung doo

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The lung doo is a double-headed hourglass drum and belongs to the closed drum family. It is made from a single piece of hardwood and both heads are covered with goatskin. The lung doo is about 35-40 cm long and has a diameter of 18-22 cm. The drum is held by a strap over the drummer's shoulder. The two heads are attached by numerous cords so the player can change the pitch by squeezing them under his armpit. This tightens the heads and produces a high, clear, open tone when the instrument is struck. It is also possible to play glissando up and down. The lung doo drum is used to accompany dancing and singing and is struck with a wooden stick.

These drums are sometimes painted to improve their appearance, but also to protect them against insects. The lung doo is known as lunga among the Dagomba and the Mamprusi, singsenge among the Sissala, gungonga among the Kassena, and donno among the Akan. These are all closed hourglass drums, with slight differences in shape, size and function within the ensemble. Together with the slightly longer lung nianga and the bass drum gungon nu, the lung doo is part of the percussion ensemble of the Frafra in Gambaga.